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PhotoComic For iPhone Lets Anyone Create Comic Strips With Ease

The release of movies like Avengers, Spiderman and Batman is a real testament to the popularity of comic books. Technology has changed and taken over a lot of things, but comics remain as popular as ever. People might have started reading them online, or on their smartphones, but comic strips still have a huge fan-following all over the world. It is natural to get ideas of your own if you are into comics, but most people never get down to creating these caricatures due to the lack of drawing prowess. PhotoComic is an iOS app that solves this problem, and using it, you will be able to create your very own comic strips. The app just needs you to provide it with a few photos, and all other tools are available within the app. The end result will leave you with a quite authentic-looking comic. The app is also perfect for captioning your photos and sharing them with your friends.

PhotoComic Options PhotoComic Text Edit

Using PhotoComic is so easy that you just have to launch the app and everything else will follow suit effortlessly. The first step towards creating your own comic is to choose the page layout. To do that, hit the 3rd button in the bottom bar. The layout menu has got a preview thumbnail for each selection, and there are several options for number of photos on each page and their arrangement. So, once the layout has been selected, you can start adding photos to each section of the page. To do that, hit the blue ‘+’ button located at the center of each box. PhotoComic allows its users to load photos from the camera roll of their iPhone, or you can simply snap a photo using the Camera option and use it in your comic. Photos can be adjusted in size and placement by simply pinching and dragging them around within the picture box.

Once you are satisfied with the photos, it’s time to add text bubbles and action words to them. To add speech and thought bubbles, hit the second button in the bottom bar. There are three kind of bubbles available within the app, and you can edit the text by double-tapping the bubble after it has been placed on the pictures. Thanks to the text editing menu in PhotoComic, you can change the font of text (Laffayette Comic Pro, Helvetica and Ariel are available). The text menu also has the option to change the size and color of the text. The lifeblood of any comic, the action words, claim a separate menu in PhotoComic, and you can change their size and orientation (via dragging and pinching) after they have been placed on the picture.

PhotoComic lets you share your comics over Facebook, Twitter and through email, and you can grab this iPhone app for free by heading to the link below.

Download PhotoComic for iOS

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