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Add Image Effects To The Stock iPhone Photos App With PhotoFilters

We have covered a lot of photo editors for iOS. Some are a bit limited, providing just one or two very good features, whereas others offer a complete package, though at the cost of simplicity. As good as some of those apps are, most iPhone owners end up using the stock Camera and Photos app, owing to their easy accessibility and deep integration with the OS. Apple offers some basic editing options for photos in the camera roll of iDevices, but just the crop, read-eye removal and auto-enhancement buttons don’t make the Photos app an full image editor. There is a tweak, however, that does just that. PhotoFilters has been released in the Cydia store today, and offers some really good image effects right in your camera roll. There is also a ‘Blur’ button that can apply a sort of motion blur effect to photos.

PhotoFilters iOS Button PhotoFilters iOS Effects PhotoFilters iOS Blur

After the installation of PhotoFilters, the new ‘Filters’ button is added to the top bar of the Photos app. The tweak works for the camera roll as well as other albums. However, if you launch camera from the lock screen and then navigate to the image gallery, the button won’t be there.

As soon as you hit the Filters button, you’ll be taken to the editing mode. All the image effects are available in the bottom bar, and can be tried on the photo with a single tap. The ‘Blur’ option shows up when you enter edit mode. This blur effect is customizable; you can drag the overlapped circle to a new position, or change its size using a pinch gesture. Once you are satisfied with the end result, hit the ‘Save’ button and PhotoFilters will create a new copy of the photo in your camera roll with the effects applied, without overwriting the original photo.

Until a few hours ago, the tweak had an annoying bar across the filter list, which obscured half the effects. The developer was quick to fix that bug, hinting that PhotoFilters might keep getting better with time. For now, there are a total of 10 effects available, and hopefully the number will go up in the future. Another improvement could be the addition of names below each effect preview, as currently it is a bit hard to remember what your favorite filters are. Apart from occasional crashes, PhotoFilters does not suffer from any serious issues. Download this shiny, new tweak for $1 by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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