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PhotoPocket: Password-Protect, Tag & Edit Photos/Videos On Your iPhone

Setting up a lockscreen passcode on your iPhone might be enough to deter casual privacy invaders, but if you are really careful about your photos and other media, you need something more. PhotoPocket is an app that provides this secondary layer of protection in a pretty optimized manner. Not only does this iOS app have the ability to act as a security vault for your photos and videos, the photo editing and sharing options on offer are quite good as well. If you like neatness and order, PhotoPocket can prove to be your perfect companion for managing your iPhone photos, as the app has a comprehensive tagging system, too, allowing users to assign graphical tags to each album they create.

PhotoPocket Albums PhotoPocket Filters PhotoPocket Settings

As the primary focus of PhotoPocket is on security, the first thing it prompts you to do after launching the app for the first time is the choice of a new password. You can set any four-digit password for the app and its folders. Once you have made the app secure, start importing photos and videos to PhotoPocket. There are two ways of doing that; you can add photos to the app via iTunes, or from your iDevice’s photo albums. If you open an attachment from an email with PhotoPocket, the media will be saved in the Inbox section automatically. However, to get the most out of PhotoPocket, you have to define new folders of your own. Just hit the big ‘+ button at the bottom of the main screen to create a new pocket. New images can be added to each folder via the methods discussed above, or straight from your device’s camera.

It is possible to reorder images within each album manually, and you can do that by hitting the Sort button. To keep everything neatly arranged and in good order, PhotoPocket offers tags for albums. You can assign one tag to each album, and that can be done by hitting its thumbnail and choosing the most appropriate image tag from the long list of available ones.

PhotoPocket has got some nice filters and image effects, but they are not the highlight of the app. Applying any of the 14 filters to your photos is really easy, and you just have to tap the effect’s name or thumbnail to alter the image. If you want to use the app for sharing photos, you can do so over your social network or through web browser access (over Wi-Fi). PhotoPocket supports exporting images to camera roll as well, and you can do that via the main sharing menu for each image or video. The app (optimized for iPhone only) can be downloaded for free by heading to the link given below.

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