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Pinstagram: Retina-Optimized Instagram Viewer For iPad With Pinterest Integration

Instagram is one of the most popular apps on iOS, and although the service released its official Android client recently, the majority of Instagram users are on iPhone and iPad. Owing to the service’s popularity, Instagram has got many third-party iOS clients in addition to the official one. The official app is so good, however, that it really takes something extraordinarily special to attract users to any alternative. Pinstagram.co just might be one such app, specially if you are a fan of both Pintrest and Instagram. This retina-optimized iPad app lets its users browse through their Instagram account with convinience, listing the photos in their feeds in a Pintrest-like waterfall view. You can perform several gestures to navigate in the app and view shared photos. The app also has options to let you share any Instagram photo over Pintrest, Facebook or Twitter with a single tap! Arguably, one of the best Instagram viewers for iPad out there.

Pinstagram.co iPad

To get started, you will have to sign in to Pinstagram using your Instagram credentials. Once you have done that, the app will provide you with a graphical tutorial regarding its usage and features. Unlike most other Instagram clients out there, Pinstagram is really optimized for the new iPad’s retina display, and that’s why it works in landscape mode only. The first section that comes up on your iPad’s screen after logging in to the app is the Home screen of your Instagram account. This part of Pinstagram shows your personal feeds, and you can go through it just like all the other sections of the app. Tapping a photo brings up all its sharing options. You can add a photo to your favorites using the heart icon, while to view and add comments, use the last button in the menu. The most interesting button in the sharing options in the pin one. The first time you tap it, Pinstagram will request you to link your Pintrest account with the app. You can do so via your email ID, or through Facebook and Twitter.

Pinstagram.co PhotoApart from letting you view your own Instagram feeds, Pinstagram also shows all the popular images that are currently trending on the service. You can go to the popular section of the app by tapping the star icon in the top bar, or by simply swiping to the right of your iPad’s screen. Pinstagram.co has some pretty slick gesture controls. You can jump between different sections via simple swipes, or zoom into photos by double-tapping them. If you want to get a detailed view of an image, Pinstagram has got that too. This detailed view is where the app’s retina-optimization fully comes into play. All the comments associated with a particular image are shown at the right of the screen, and you can add a new one from the bottom text box as well. To go to the next photo in an album, you can use the same swipe gestures that were discussed previously.

Pinstagram.co has a separate menu for photos that have been uploaded from close to your current location. Thanks to the search box in the top left corner of the screen, users can find photos associated with any tag. You can even manage your Instagram profile using Pinstagram.co. The app has everything, except the ability to let users add and edit photos. However, if you are looking for a new and more beautiful way of browsing Instagram on your iPad, do give this app a try. The app has gone free for a limited time, and is highly recommended for owners of the new iPad if they are interested in Instagram.

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