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Place Text & Doodles Over iPhone Photos In Real Time With Text Camera

A few months back, Instagram announced its decision to remove live filters from the famous app, and not many have received this omission kindly. You can always edit your photos after you have snapped them, but the capability of applying filters and other image effects even before shooting the picture is sure to come in handy every once in a while. A testament to this is the popularity apps offering real-time filters have gained in the recent past. Text Camera for iPhone goes beyond simple image effects, and lets you overlay doodles, text snippets and even quotes over the scene you are about to capture. You can easily adjust the position of these entities by simply dragging them around, and to keep you coming back for more, Text Camera offers the option to unlock more effects by sharing photos through it.

Text Camera iOS Text Camera iOS Doodles Text Camera iOS Quotes

Text Camera has a very uncluttered interface, but the app offers a lot to enhance your photos with. It is not possible to edit existing images using the app though, as it doesn’t have an image viewer of its own. To apply a filter to the camera before shooting a photo, just swipe across the screen. A couple of effects are available for free, while the rest can be unlocked using two available ways. You can choose the easier route of upgrading to Text Camera Pro via an in-app purchase of $1.99, or accumulate app points over time by sharing Text Camera photos over social media, and use those app points to unlock the effects.

The doodles and text overlay options available in Text Camera can be accessed by hitting the pencil icon in the bottom-left. For text, the app offers the choice of colors, font and size. Once you are done typing, you can freely drag the text snippet around to a new position. For those of you who aren’t feeling too inspired, Text Camera has ready-to-go quotes of various kinds available too; just tap the red icon from the side bar, go to the category of your choice and select a quote. Like manually created text, these quotes can also be repositioned easily.

Doodles are divided into various categories as well, including love, emoticons and arrows. The location icon lets you add a geotag showing your location and time info to the photo.

Now that you have surrounded the viewfinder with some attractive objects and text, shoot the photo using the camera icon in the middle of the bottom bar. The sharing options include Facebook and Twitter, while every snapped picture is saved automatically to Text Camera’s own album in the stock Photos app as well.

Text Camera is optimized for iPod touch and iPhone. The app is free, and it is nice to see that it offers a free (albeit time-consuming) alternative to in-app purchases.

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