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PocketSafari: Easily Send Pages To Your Pocket (Read It Later) Account From Within iOS Safari

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is a really useful service if you are always on the move, as it allows you to bookmark stuff with ease, and you can also use it as your personal repository of content that you want to view offline at a later time. So, if you come across something really good while surfing the web on your iPhone’s Safari web browser, there is no easy and straightforward way of adding content to your Pocket account without having to go through a few annoying steps. Won’t it be just wonderful for Pocket users if there was some way of adding content to your Pocket account with a single tap? Fortunately, the newly released PocketSafari Cydia tweak does exactly that. PocketSafari adds a new button to the action menu in Safari, and you just have to hit that button to save anything to your Pocket! So, head past the break if you are a fan of the amazingly useful Pocket service and own a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

PocketSafari Settings PocketSafari Button PocketSafari Notification

To get started with PocketSafari, go to its dedicated menu located in the stock Settings app. The menu is pretty simple, and you have to do nothing more than enter your Pocket username and password there. After doing that, kill Safari from the App Switcher tray and exit the Settings app. If you are worried about your privacy, remember that PocketSafari encrypts your password as soon as you enter it in the tweak’s menu. Now, go to any webpage in Safari, and once something has finished loading completely, go to the action menu from the bottom bar in Mobile Safari. You are sure to notice that the menu now lists a new option marked Save to Pocket. Whenever you want to store an item to your Pocket account, hit that button, and you will get a notification that the link has been saved successfully. If there is a problem with the whole process, respring your iPhone and make sure that you keyed in the correct username and passcode.

PocketSafari is sure to find its way among the favorite Cydia tweaks of all the Pocket fans out there. Using the tweak is simple, and you can get it without having to spend anything at all. PocketSafari is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and is sure to make your Pocket collection even more impressive than before.

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