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PowerDown Enhancer: Disable Or Reconfigure iPhone’s Power Off Menu

The idea of preventing unintended shut down of iOS devices is nothing new, and Cydia tweaks like Archangel make sure that your iPhone doesn’t get powered off in case you are using Gevey SIM or are on a tethered jailbreak. There are many scenarios in which you might wish to keep your device powered on for good, and even if your memory is good enough to never betray you, someone else might grab your phone and shut it down when you are not around. PowerDown Enhancer is a new Cydia tweak that offers about the same functionality as Archangel, but with a few bonus features. Thanks to this tweak you can disable the Power Off menu completely. No matter for how long someone holds down the power button, nothing will happen. If you want to put the menu to good use, rather than just doing away with it completely, it is possible to configure it for options like respring, discreet respring and initiating safe mode.

PowerDown Enhancer Cydia PowerDown Enhancer Settings PowerDown Enhancer Options

The tweak adds a new menu to the stock Settings app after you have installed it to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It is through this menu that you have to configure everything about PowerDown Enhancer, as the tweak does not make any changes to your device by default. The first button in the PowerDown Enhancer is marked Show Shutdown Screen, and features nothing more than a single toggle. If you switch the toggle to on, the power button will lose its ability to bring up the Power Off menu of your device. However, if you are looking for a more novel way of avoiding accidental shutdown, take a look at the menu marked Shutdown Function. It is from this area of the menu that you get to reprogram the power down slider. Before choosing the action you want to apply to the slider, it is better if you toggle on the Remap Shutdown Function button. You also have to remember to toggle off the first button in the menu, as the slider won’t show up at all otherwise. The 3 options available for remapping are:

  • Respring
  • Enter Safe Mode
  • Discreet Respring

The Enter Safe Mode option is something that we haven’t seen in many tweaks before PowerDown Enhancer, and that might prove to be a useful feature for some jailbreakers. Apart from that, the Discreet Respring action is pretty good, too. With that option you won’t see any visible change in the power down slider, and even its Slider To Power Off text will remain the same, but once you do slider your finger across it, the iPhone will just respring rather than shutting down.

PowerDown Enhancer is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free if you are looking for a comprehensive way of avoiding inadvertent shut down of your iDevice for any reason.

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