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Presstomatic For iPhone: Build Shared Photo, Video & Note Albums With Friends

Scrapbooking might have become a somewhat-obsolete and outdated idea, but if you create a scrapbook or album on your iPhone, that might prove to be very useful for quick sharing. Presstomatic is an iOS app that lets its users create albums containing photos, videos and notes related to just about any topic, and the best part is that you can invite any of your friends to make contributions to your album. Not only that, the majority of scrapbooks on Presstomatic are public, and you can browse through them to come across some really interesting stuff. Presstomatic handles all its albums like books, and users get the options to design custom covers and layouts for each of these books. There are some basic photo editing options available in the app as well, but the main focus in Presstomatic is on sharing. The albums you create within the app can be shared with anyone via a simple invite.

Presstomatic Featured Albums Presstomatic Bookshelf

In order to use Presstomatic, you will have to create a new app-specific account. Doing so requires any email ID you own, a new password and a username. Before creating any books of your own, it is better if you go through some of the gems present in the app’s library. To do so, hit the Browse button in the top right corner of the main screen. All the publicly shared books can be added to the user’s reading list from the app’s library. It is possible to search the library for a particular keyword, or you can just go through all the entries via the Featured and Popular tabs. To read a book, simply tap its icon. If you want to add it to your collection or bookmark it, hit the green Add button. Your personal book collection appears in the Bookshelf section of the app, which is further divided into 3 subsections, including My Books, Reading and Community (where books from your friends are shown).

Presstomatic Cover Design Presstomatic Album

Presstomatic makes it really easy to create a new book. To get started, you have to choose a photo for the cover of your book, along with a suitable title. To make the book cover look perfect, you can select a background color, a template for the layout and can even format text in any way you want. The main cover photo can be snapped via the camera, or selected from the camera roll of your iPhone or iPod touch. Once you are satisfied with the album’s cover, it’s time to invite your friends to read your book or make contributions to it. To add photos to a book, go to your bookshelf and hit the big camera button in the middle of the bottom bar. Just like with the album cover, photos to be added to each book can be loaded from the device library, or snapped straight from the camera of your iPhone.

Presstomatic is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only, and is available as a free download in the App Store. So, if you are looking for a smart and easy way of preserving or sharing your memories, do give the app a try.

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