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Prevent Facebook Messenger For iOS From Sending ‘Seen’ Receipts

In a bid to keep pace with changing times, Facebook is always introducing new features. While some changes are welcomed by users universally, there are others that end up being vastly unpopular. The ‘Timeline’ view caused quite an uproar when it first started rolling out, and now the read receipt feature recently added to Facebook messages is being deemed by many to be an invasion of their privacy. To be fair, a lot of users don’t mind it much, but things can get a bit embarrassing at times. There are already a few ways to disable the ‘Seen’ stamp if you are reading the messages on your desktop, but FBMessengerUnseen is among the first iOS-focused solutions to the issue. As you can probably guess, FBMessengerUnseen is a Cydia release. The tweak makes sure that you can read any message on the Facebook Messenger app without the sender knowing that you have seen it.

FBMessengerUnseen Cydia FBMessengerUnseen

FBMessengerUnseen is the kind of tweak that just works without any additional bells and whistles. The tweak doesn’t have a menu of its own anywhere, because you don’t have to enable it manually or configure any setting. Once FBMessengerUnseen has been installed, it makes the change to the Facebook Messenger app automatically. Any message read on the Messenger app is treated as unread by Facebook, and the sender never gets to know that it has been seen.

The tweak does suffer from a few limitations though. For one thing, FBMessengerUnseen only works with the Facebook Messenger app, and the messages you read on the official Facebook client will continue sending out the read receipt. Even in the Messenger app, only the ‘Seen’ stamp is disabled, and the typing indicator continues to function. This means that if you mistakenly touch the text box even once, the sender will know that you are active, provided they are also active and have the conversation with you open at their end. Another thing that would have made FBMessengerUnseen perfect is an enable/disable toggle. While it is desirable to keep the Seen receipt hidden from most people, there might be some scenarios in which you might want to make the other person know that their messages have been read.

FBMessengerUnseen is a fresh release and while it does have a few shortcomings, you are sure to appreciate the functionality it has to offer. You can take the tweak for a whirl by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, from where it can be downloaded without spending a dime.

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