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Preview App Icons On Your iPhone Against Different Wallpapers

Design is huge part of any app that’s developed but it’s all the more important when you’re making an iOS app. Apple not only  has a lot of rules in place but users of Apple products also expect a finesse when it comes to app designs. Sure you can still find apps that look like a trainwreck in the App Store but the best apps have a great design and Apple duly rewards apps like that. Good design is key to giving your app a fighting chance. One very important past of the app design is the app icon users will see on their home screen. ICNS is a newly launched iOS app that lets you upload your icons to Dropbox and then preview how they would look against different backgrounds on your iPhone.

Once you’ve installed ICNS, launch it and connect your Dropbox account. It will ask to create a folder called ICNS in the Apps folder inside Dropbox. Once the folder has been created, upload the icons you want to take for a test drive to this folder. Launch ICNS again, and tap the Icons button. It will automatically display the available images you can take for a test spin. Select an icon and then try it out.

ICNS ICNS-Preview-icon

ICNS comes preloaded with a few wallpapers that you can view icons against, however you can preview the icons against any background of your choice by uploading it first to the Wallpapers folder inside the ICNS app folder created in Dropbox.

The app also has a screenshot functionality that will take a screenshot of the icon as it appears against a background and save it to your camera roll. You can also share it with someone over email or IM.

Download ICNS From The App Store

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