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Privately Exchange Photos Of An Event With Your Facebook Friends

Everyone has a phone and just about every phone in existence has a camera and that means given an event, a party, or even a slightly fun lunch hour, lots of photos will be taken. You might end up with everyone having snapped photos of a fun night out or if you’re trying to conserve phone battery, you will have appointed a designated photographer to take all the photos. Once the photos have been taken, Facebook is the go-to place for sharing them so everyone has a copy. If you prefer private sharing of your photos however, Facebook has you covered with its Moments app. The app is kind of old and just upgraded to version 2.0 but it’s just now been made available outside the U.S. What it does is that it automatically groups photos together based on the location and time they were taken. A group of such photos is called a moment and you can share it privately with one or several Facebook friends. Here’s how it works.

Install the app and log in to it using your Facebook account. It will need to access your photos so grant it access when it asks for it. The app then begins an analysis of all your photos (including those that date back months) and groups them together. Since the app is linked to your Facebook account, and Facebook has a face recognition algorithm Moments will suggest who you ought to share a particular group of photos with based on who is in those photos. You can of course edit the suggested people the photos will be shared with.

If Moments isn’t grouping the right photos together, you can create a custom moment by tapping on the plus button and manually selecting the photos you want to share. You name a moment and then pick from your Facebook friends who you want to share it with.

sync-photos new-moment

The downside to this app is that your friend must have the Moments app installed on their system to get the photos. If you share a moment with a friend he/she will receive a message prompting them to download the app to receive the photos. I did find it slightly unnerving that the app could pick out who the people in my photos were but that’s a given if you’re going to let Facebook access your photos.

Install Moments From The App Store

Install Moments From The Google Play Store

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