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Put Selective Apps In Silent Mode With AppSilence [Jailbreak]

Having your phone ring in the middle of a meeting is never a pleasant experience, especially if the meeting is a high-level one with critical business importance. Unfortunately, as much as we depend on our smartphones these days to manage through one clock cycle, this has become a rather unavoidable experience. Granted, you can always put your phone in silent mode, but that means silencing everything, and many a times when we forget to put the device back on ringer after the meeting is over, we end up missing important notifications and even phone calls from time to time. Personally, that’s one dilemma that I’ve gone through time and time again, without much luck at finding a solution. Well, if you face a similar concern and have a jailbroken iPhone, AppSilence is one free jailbreak tweak that can save the day for you.


Released over at the Cydia jailbreak store by the famous developer switchpwn, this tweak has one simple objective; silencing selected apps without putting the whole device in mute. The free add on adds a new panel to the extensions tab in native Settings app, where you can enable it and select the apps that need to be silenced. The system and user applications are listed under separate panels, making it easier to identify what you need to find and setting the toggle up correctly. The app’s settings end here, and after a couple of days’ usage, I can testify that you’ll find this to be a true life saver!

AppSilence_Cydia_iOS (2)


It is noteworthy that AppSilence will obey the system-wide toggle for switching between ring and vibrate modes, i.e., if you use the hardware switch to put your iPhone on mute, AppSilence’s settings will be overridden. I guess that makes logical sense, too, since that’s what the switch is there for.

AppSilence_Cydia_iOS (1) AppSilence_Cydia_iOS (3)

The tweak works with iOS 6 and above on jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s ARM64 compatible, so iPhone 5s and iPad Air shouldn’t be any problem.

Tweaks like AppSilence make you realize the true value of having a jailbroken device, since this is one area that you cannot really expect the manufacturer to handle natively. Granted, Apple introduced the Do Not Disturb mode with iOS 6 to cater to such issues, but AppSilence just expands on the concept in a good way. Also, since the jailbreak store has always been a good source for giving the fruit company some valuable ideas for future iOS iterations, we might see something better coming in perhaps iOS 9.

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