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QuickCall Adds A Global, Gesture-Triggered Dashboard Of Call & Message Shortcuts To iPhone

The idea of a shortcut collection appearing over the SpringBoard whenever a certain gesture is performed is nothing new. In fact, Cydia tweaks like Speero and SubIc0ns have offered pretty good implementations of the concept. While you might not need any other tweak of this kind if your interest lies only in app shortcuts, the idea still has some room for expansion. The newly released QuickCall tweak does not deal with app shortcuts, but what it does offer can be very useful in its own right. With QuickCall, it is possible to invoke a beautiful overlay of your contacts, and then call or text them without ever leaving the app you are currently using. The contacts displayed by the tweak include all of your favorites, and some that you have interacted with recently. QuickCall can also be used to quickly perform a search, or go to a particular website.

QuickCall iOS Settings QuickCall iOS Gestures

The tweak offers a great level of customization. You can change its interface, as well as the actions mapped against supported gestures. All of these changes can be made by heading to the QuickCall menu in the stock Settings app. First of all, you have to choose an activation gesture for the tweak. QuickCall supports both QuickDo and Activator.

The tweak overlays a screen displaying a collection of your contacts whenever the chosen activating gesture is performed. Depending on the Activator gesture you chose, this screen can be invoked from the home or lock screen, while using an app, or from anywhere in the OS.

The level of customization offered by QuickCall is apparent from the fact that even the background of the displayed overlay can be tweaked to suit your taste. If you are satisfied with the default background, but just want to make minor changes to it, you can blur it some more or change its brightness level. Otherwise, you can simply load a new image of your choice from the camera roll.

QuickCall-Cydia-tweak-iOS QuickCall-iPhone-global-shortcuts-for-contacts

There are two main views within the QuickCall window; the first screen shows the list of your favorite contacts, while the other one displays your call log. You can limit the length of the loaded call log by setting the tweak to show just the last few calls. If you want to place a call to a contact shown in the list, just tap their entry once. Other options like FaceTime, email and SMS can be viewed by swiping across the contact’s profile photo.

If you are looking to perform a search, or want to call a person who is not listed in the QuickCall list, swipe from top to bottom on the screen to reveal a text field at the top. You can enter any phone number, email ID or search query in this area, and then hit the appropriate button from above the keyboard to perform the action.

QuickCall is available in the Big Boss repo and comes with a license fee of $1.99, but you can download it for a free three-day trial.

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