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Quickly Compose & Reply To Texts On iOS Without Launching Messages App

You might be a fan of its themes or the well-organized conversation threads but for most users, biteSMS is all about quick compose and quick reply. The ability to type messages without waiting for an entire app to load can be really time-saving and efficient. Interactive reply windows have been a part of GO SMS as well, and a few Cydia tweaks in the past have even added a similar feature to the stock Messages app. With iOS 6 though, ImmediateSend stopped working, and hasn’t received an update until now. So, taking advantage of this vacuum in the jailbreak store, a new tweak by the name of Messages has just reared its head. The tweak is a bit more detailed compared to other similar ones released in the past, and offers integration with Activator as well. It is also possible to tinker with the appearance of the quick reply window, and choose the number of previous messages from a thread that are loaded when you are composing your reply.

Messages iOS Settings Messages iOS QuickReply

Messages has to be configured via the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. The tweak’s name and icon are identical to the stock SMS app in iOS, but you can access its option by choosing the menu added near the bottom of the Settings list.

The first option in the tweak’s menu lets you alternate between two themes supported by the quick reply window shown by Messages. The first theme is just like the default iOS one for Messages app, while the other one turns the keyboard and borders black.

The rest of the options are divided into two main parts: ‘Compose’ and ‘Reply’. To start creating a new message from scratch, you have to configure an Activator or QuickDo gesture. If a lock screen-compatible gesture is chosen, you can begin composing a new text to any user from anywhere in iOS. To reply to a text from outside the Messages app, you have to tap the banner notification of the incoming message. If you want to view the past texts from a certain text before replying, it is possible to configure the tweak to load them within the quick reply window.

Messages works for both SMS and iMessage, but we can’t say it is perfect. For one thing, it is priced at $3.99 (with a free trial of three days), which many will likely find a bit steep. Secondly, we couldn’t even get the conversation history feature to work for iMessage (was functional for ordinary texts). Having said that, since ImmediateSend is not available for now, so unless you are willing to shift to biteSMS for this single feature, the Messages tweak is your only choice. The tweak works only with iOS 6, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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  1. I was waiting for a tweak like this. I used BiteSMS before, but I
    uninstalled it, since I wanted something that was integrating and
    blending with the native iOS Messages app.

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