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Quickly Create & Manage Color-Coded Idea Lists On iPhone With IDEAZ

Making to-do lists is never too big of a deal; the difficult part is remembering to follow-up and acting on the ideas you took the time to write down. You might come up with a lot of brilliant ideas every day, though even if the idea is noted down, there is no guarantee that you will actually come back to it, as there is a real chance of it getting lost in the sea of notes consisting of task lists, random musings and other snippets of text. IDEAZ is a new app that aims to solve this problem by providing users with a place exclusively for gathering their ideas. You can create new entries using simple gestures and to help keep things organized, the app even offers color-coding. Sharing ideas with others via email is super-easy, while attaching images with each entries is supported as well.


If you think apps like Clear and Chaos Control are simple, wait till you take IDEAZ for a spin. The app starts with a short tutorial, which tells users about all the gestures available in IDEAZ for performing different tasks. There is no need to create an account to use the app, and you are good to go as soon as the tutorial is finished. To add your first task to the main IDEAZ list, swipe downwards from the top of the screen until the ‘+’ button shows up. To add a new entry to IDEAZ, you just have to provide a line of text, choose a color and hit the checkmark icon. Similarly, pictures can be added to the idea by tapping the camera icon located in the bottom-left corner. Photos can be loaded from the camera roll, or snapped right from within the app.

Tasks in IDEAZ can be reordered easily by long-pressing an entry and then dragging it to a new position. To share an idea with someone, swipe the respective block to the right. The only sharing option offered by the app for now is email, and there is no social media integration to speak of. Swiping a task in the opposite direction opens the editing screen, which can be used to delete entries or make any changes to the assigned color or text description.

IDEAZ is a $0.99 app and comes optimized for iPhone and iPod touch displays. The interface is pretty neat, and goes well with the simplistic concept of IDEAZ. The app can be grabbed by heading to the download link below.

Install IDEAZ from App Store

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