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Qwilt Is An iPhone Gallery & Photo Sharing App With Auto Album Sorting

There is never just one way of implementing an idea; whenever a concept becomes public, and gains enough popularity, we are sure to see multiple renditions of it. Only a few days after the Photos app in iOS 7 was revealed, Photoful took cues from that idea and came out with a better way of arranging your iPhone’s camera roll. Qwilt might not appear to be too different from Photoful at first glance, but there are some major differences between the two apps. Qwilt isn’t all about organization, as it puts plenty of focus on sharing, too. The app features the awesome photo editor by Aviary built-in, in addition to features like album merger and commenting on shares from your friends who are on Qwilt.

Qwilt iOS Menu Qwilt iOS Feed Qwilt iOS Options

Since Qwilt acts like a complete social network aimed at letting users share photos and albums with their friends, you cannot use the app without registering for an account first. You just need to provide your email address and choose a new password to get started. Once the account has been created, the app asks for the user’s permission to import all the pictures available in the Photos app. Like Photoful, Qwilt arranges your camera roll by location and date.

Although albums are created automatically based on these criteria, there are also separate sections where images can be viewed sorted just by location or the number of times a photo has been liked and shared by your friends. If you are not satisfied with the way albums are arranged by default, Qwilt offers the option to merge albums together, move photos between collections, or delete selective photos. For privacy, the app offers two modes: you can make an album public, or go for the ‘secret’ mode in order to make sure that no one except you get access to the collection. Other than merely making an album public, it is also possible to turn on auto-sharing, which sends a notification to all interested parties every time a new album is created

Qwilt iOS Album Qwilt iOS Photo

Each album in the app has a different layout, depending upon the number of photos in it. You can tag people from Facebook or your address book, and associate locations with all collections. The photo viewer in Qwilt is pretty simple, but does allow users to leave likes and comments on pictures.

Qwilt is a free app display-optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. You can grab it by heading to link below.

Install Qwilt from App Store

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