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ReachFast Contacts Is Another Great Gesture-Controlled iPhone Address Book App

Not a lot of great alternatives exist for the stock Contacts app in iOS, but apps like Smartr and Brewster have managed to garner some acclaim due to a few novel features. Having said that, some might argue that an address book should not be loaded with too many features, since associating photos with your contacts is always less important than being able to find them as quickly as possible. ReachFast Contacts is not completely devoid of bells and whistles, but it is not excessively complicated either, and the developer claims that it will offer you the quickest way of making calls and sending texts from your iPhone. The app has gestures, lets you create new contacts in a really intuitive manner, and comes with a search feature that keeps getting smarter with the passage of time.

ReachFast-Contacts-iOS-SMS ReachFast-Contacts-iOS-Options

ReachFast Contacts starts with a short tutorial regarding the app’s usage, once it has imported your address book from the stock Contacts app. Almost everything you might wish to do in an address book can be done using gestures in this app, and it won’t take you too long to learn everything about ReachFast. The list of contacts shown on the app’s main page can be sorted in two ways: in alphabetical order, or by their last modification time. To switch between the two views, simply tap the middle portion of the top bar. With the passage of time, ReachFast Contacts starts displaying frequently accessed contacts at the top of the list.

To search for a profile, simply swipe downwards when you are at the top of the list. To make a call, tap the appropriate list entry once, while if you want to text the person, just swipe across their entry from left to right. Similarly sliding your finger in the opposite direction reveals options for favoriting, deleting or editing the contact.

ReachFast Contacts iOS New ReachFast Contacts iOS Settings

While that’s all for existing contacts, ReachFast Contacts is great for creating new ones as well. For one thing, the app’s keyboard lets you jump between different field merely by swiping across the keys, so there is no need to tap the screen while typing. You also get to decide on the go whether the information should be merged with an existing profile or if you want to create a new entry in the app.

From the settings menu, it is possible to toggle sound effects, vibrations and contact pictures that come with the app. ReachFast might not have the good looks of Brewster, but it gets the job done, and that too in a really efficient manner. The app is optimized for iPhone & iPod touch, and it is available for free for now, though it might get a price tag pretty soon, so grab it right away.

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  1. It worked great for over 2 years on my iphone 5c, but when I went to a iphone 6s, it had a bug that wouldn’t allow you to get past the tutorial, I loved this contacts app and I hope they fix it, but it shows the last update to the app being the beginning of 2014

  2. Great concept but this app duplicated multiple times many of my contacts from the Apple Contacts app making this app relatively useless. Have contacted developer about this issue but no responsevyetvv

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