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Readmill For iOS Gets Online Collection Of Free Books & Better Search

When it comes to reading eBooks, if you are looking for an app that provides the perfect ambience, iBooks has no parallels. It doesn’t come with too many distracting features, importing files to it is pretty easy, and there are a few nice free books available in the library as well. As has been highlighted by the recent price fixing fiasco though, you might not get books from the iTunes store at best prices. Sure, there are alternatives like Sony’s Reader, but they lack the refined UI and variety on offer in iBooks. Readmill, however, has been around in the App Store for long enough to garner a fan base of its own. The app’s reading screen is great, whereas all of its social aspects make books even more enjoyable. Despite all of its positives though, Readmill has never been known for its own library of books – something that has finally been addressed in the app’s latest update. Not only does Readmill now allow you to download books without using any external sources, but all the books it offers are free as well!

Readmill iOS Explore Readmill iOS Book

On the iPhone, not much has changed in the ‘Library’ tab. The ‘Explore’ section is another story though. Readmill displays a few basic instructions regarding the use and features of the new Explore section. All the books listed in this tab are free, and most of them are classics. As can be expected, you aren’t likely to find any of the recent hits in Readmill, since it only offers legitimately free, public-domain books, but the available variety isn’t bad at all. Users get to see the number of current readers viewing any book, and even read a short preview before they download the title.

Readmill iOS Home

All the books in your Readmill collection appear in the Library section just the way they always have, but you’ll see a few subtle changes in this tab as well. Using the search icon in the top-left corner, it is now possible to look for any title you are reading. On the iPad, the interface of the Library has been revamped to look gorgeous and more efficient. The introduction of filters in Readmill is sure to help all users who like keeping things well-organized. You can now configure the library to hide all books that you have read completely, or show only the ones you are currently reading.

Readmill is a free app so if you are a fan of the classics, or are just looking for a good book to read, give it a go.

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