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Record, Edit & Annotate Audio Clips On iPhone & iPad With Recordium

Much like Apple’s stock Voice Memos app for iOS, most third-party audio recorders for iPhone aren’t too feature-rich. Even the developers over at the Cydia store haven’t felt a great need to add a ton of new options to Voice Memos, and the few tweaks dealing with the app do nothing more than adding some gestures to the mix. Some third-party audio recorders, however, do show that it is possible to shake things up a little when it comes to this genre. The previously covered Highlights app was petty simple, but offered the option to annotate recordings. Recordium is somewhat similar to Highlights, but there is more to it than just annotations. With Recordium, users get to configure the format and sound quality they want for their recordings. The file management of the app is pretty neat as well, and you can share your sound clips over cloud services, or using Wi-Fi file transfer. To top it all off, Recordium makes it possible to trim or edit recordings once they have been captured.


Recordium is a simple app to use, and does not require its users to sign up for an app account or anything. There’s no lengthy tutorial at the start, and the app teaches you whenever you use a particular feature for the first time. To get a hang of the true potential offered by Recordium, you can listen to the example clip stored in the app.

There are plenty of options available on the recording/editing screen. Input gain can be adjusted by tapping the left edge of the recording screen, while the option opposite to it allows you to define the time period after which the recording is automatically paused if there is silence at your end. You can add annotations to a clip (or a piece of live recording) by tapping the ‘+’ icon. It is possible to add a written memo, an image or a tag to any point in the snippet. To highlight a particular portion of the recording, tap the pen icon after dragging the seek bar to the desired point.

For editing, Recordium offers delete, trim and snip options. In deletion mode, a particular part of the clip can be removed. Trimming is the converse of this feature, and eliminates every part of the recording that isn’t within the selection frame. Thanks to snipping, users get to create a new clip using parts from an existing one in their collection.

Recordium iOS Home Recordium iOS Settings Recordium iOS WiFi

By default, Recordium stores sound in MP4 format, but you can change that by heading to the app’s settings menu. Other supported formats include AIFF, WAV and CAF. Audio quality can be changed as well, based on your requirements.

To manage the clips stored in the app, just swipe across the entries on the main screen. Recordings can be deleted, moved between folders or renamed. Sharing options include email and just about any service or app that is capable of handling audio. To share files over Wi-Fi, hit the top-right icon and follow the on-screen instructions. The app is also capable of searching through your audio collection based on the tags and notes you add.

The ‘Wish List’ section in Recordium is there to help users give their feedback to the app’s developer, and vote for features they want to see in future updates.

Recordium is a new release, and is available temporarily for free. The app is universal, so do give it a go as there are not many audio recorders on iOS that are as comprehensive as this one.

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