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Record, Edit & Organize Audio Clips On iPhone With Pocket Recorder

Just last week we covered the feature-rich Recordium audio recorder for the iPad. While apps like Recordium might go well with a tablet, you are likely to prefer simpler alternatives for your iPhone. The stock recording app is pretty decent for many scenarios but if you want to make even the most basic changes to the recorded clip, Voice Memos is not going to be much help. While apps like Highlight look to have a pretty simple concept on paper, using them is not always a piece of cake. Pocket Recorder is a new voice recording app for iOS that, in addition to being universal, offers the perfect balance between simplicity and features. You can edit the basic properties of your audio clips and organize them into folders. There is also the possibility of resuming a recording session by stitching new clips with existing ones.

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Like all good audio recorders, Pocket Recorder offers plenty of configuration choices. The available options include different levels of audio quality and the default format in which your recordings are saved. Pocket Recorder supports AIF, WAV, AIFC and CAF formats. All these options can be accessed by tapping the gear icon located in the bottom-right corner of the app’s main screen.

To begin a recording session, hit the red icon located in the middle of the bottom bar. While recording is in progress, you won’t see a lot of active options. You can assign a new icon to the clip, which serves as a visual identifier for the recording’s category. The ‘Set Priority’ level can be used to signify the clip’s importance, while ‘Auto Stop’ pauses the recording process whenever silence is detected – a feature that is sure to come in handy during lengthy sessions. Volume control also remains accessible throughout the sessions.

Once you are done capturing the audio, there are a few editing options that become usable. You can ‘Cut’ the clip, thereby creating a new file out of a small portion of the existing recording. ‘Repeat’ puts the clip in a loop, while ‘rewrite’ lets you insert a new piece of audio into the clip even after you have stopped recording.

By default all the new recordings created in Pocket Recorder can be found on the app’s main screen, but you can easily create new folders for a more thorough level of control.

If you are the kind of person who has to record audio frequently, and that too in a hurry, Pocket Recorder is a nice app to have. It is free and universal, and comes with no ads. You can grab it from the following link.

Download Pocket Recorder For iOS

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