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Kinomatic: Record, Edit, Render, And Upload Videos From Your iOS device [Paid]

Video editing apps are not exactly a genre in immense demand. Not to say it isn’t popular, but it attracts a niche. Professionals are probably using high end tools such as Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC, while the enthusiast sector probably use something like Cinelab, iMovie, Movie Maker, etc. However, for enthusiasts on the go, their options are either free apps with very limited capability or expensive apps that get the job done. Now, with the release and immense success of Kinomatic for iOS, an app worth $3.99 in the app store, we have a tool that can record, edit, render and upload your videos directly from your iOS device. The app is currently half-off so buying now is a bargain.

When I first started running this test, I thought the result was too dim. Later I realized that I had my screen’s brightness turned down. The problem was resolved by increasing brightness, but it was still a little dim compared to default camcorder. With apps like Camera +, you get a myriad of customizations including ISO, exposure, shutter speed, etc. that directly affect the light, making it a handy camera enhancement. In Kinomatic, other than White Balance, Exposure lock and Focus Lock, there are not a lot of customizations from the video recorder. This is just to get the minute issues out of the way first so we can get right to the good bits.

Kinomatic - Intro 2Kinomatic - Intro


As we said, there were issues with light and if we are being completely honest, there are issues with the white balance as well, but what the app lacks in recording capability, it makes up for by importing media. You could just record using either the default app, or any app that you favor and you could import it to the editor. However, if you insist on using the Kinomatic recorder, the app lets you record multiple instances. It features two markers, one for exposure, the other for focus. You can lock these in case you find a setting that works for you. Then there is the image stabilization button, a flash (admittedly, that does help the darkness considerably). Below is a red circle, pressing which will initiate recording. Once recording starts, the circle turns to a square, pressing which, ends recording. There are buttons next to record for digital zoom, they do function rather smoothly.

Kinomatic - Adjustment Kinomatic - Recording


Now this is where the app really makes an impact. You can use the videos recorded through the app, or you can import videos you recorded elsewhere. You can add text, remove/replace sound and splice together a collection that best present the moments as you chose to see them. To be fair, the app is close to Movie Maker than it is to Final Cut Pro X, but even with mobile limitations and all, this app offers more than the average app in this price range. There is also an interesting fade in and fade out between videos, just enough to eliminate the jump in sound while not calling attention to it.

Kinomatic - Test Kinomatic - Test 2

This is not designed for professionals of course, but if you are a vlogger, or perhaps compressing related videos into a single file, this is the app for you.

Kinomatic -  Helpfile

You can see the results of a video made with this app over here.

Get Kinomatic for iOS [$1.99 for a limited time, then available for $3.99]

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