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Remove The 25-Contact Limit For Batch Messaging In WhatsApp For iOS

At times, even the most popular of services have to put some restrictions on their users to keep things up and running. Both Viber and WhatsApp don’t let you change your availability status more than once in 24 hours. If you have a jailbroken iPhone though, getting past such obstacles isn’t too big of a deal. Android has plenty of solutions for these problems, too. There are tweaks that let you remove limitations from these popular messengers, and might even add some new features to the mix while they are at it. WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG is one such tweak, which helps users get rid of one of the most annoying restrictions in WhatsApp; the 25 contact limit on broadcasting messages. With this tweak, you can select your entire address book as recipients for a group message, which can prove to be useful whenever you are looking to interact with a large number of people and WhatsApp groups just aren’t doing it for you in their default form.

WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG iOS Settings WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG iOS Select

WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG is the kind of tweak that would have been fine even without a Settings menu of its own, but it is still convenient to have a centralized place for configuring everything that comes with it. There are just two options in the WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG menu, including ‘Enable SelectAll’ and ‘BroadCast Unlimited’. With the first option, a button is added to the top-right corner of the address book. The button also shows up when you are trying to choose a new contact for an individual thread, but it does not work in that location for now, and only displays a message that the feature is coming in a future update.

Ordinarily, whenever you start adding contacts to a recipient list of broadcast messages in WhatsApp, the bottom-right corner starts showing that you can only choose up to 25 contacts. With WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG though, there is no such limit and you can address your entire contact list pretty easily.

For now, the tweak is a fairly useful one, but if the developer enables the option to start broadcasts from the usual compose button, things can become even better because creating and managing a group conversation is not a really efficient endeavor in WhatsApp. Until then, if you find yourself using the broadcast feature in WhatsApp pretty regularly, do give WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG a shot. The tweak doesn’t cost a thing, and is available for download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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