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Paint Amazing Filters & Effects Over Photos With Repix For iOS

An iPhone or iPad photo editor is rarely labeled as unique, but apps like Repix always show that there is still room for innovation even in the most congested categories of the App Store (Update: Now available for Android). There are two areas where Repix differs from its competitors. The app has all the filters that are usually found in good iOS photo editors, but rather than applying these effects to entire images, Repix gives users the choice to manually apply them to specific parts of the photo. It offers brushes for all effects, and these brushes can be used to transform your photos by painting over them with your finger. It is also possible to adjust other aspects of images using simple swipe gestures. Furthermore, the intuitive interface of the app adds to its overall uniqueness.

Repix iOS Menu Repix iOS Options

Repix is capable of loading photos for editing from three sources. You can choose an image from the camera roll, shoot one from within the app, or connect your Facebook account with it and import photos directly from there. Once a photo has been opened in the Repix editor, hit the round icon in the middle of the top bar to make adjustments. The adjustment menu has options for cropping the image, and changing aspects like brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy and temperature. It is also possible to vary the vignette value from this list. Rather than presenting you with a slider to change these values, Repix works using gestures. Swipe to the right to increase a value, or in the opposite direction to decrease it. You can undo or redo changes, thanks to the buttons provided in the top bar.

Repix iOS Edit Repix iOS Share

To apply photo filters to the image, choose the desired effect from the bottom bar. You will see no automatic change in the photo upon selecting the filter, since the filters are basically brushes and You need to manually apply them to any areas of the picture. The available brushes include filters like charcoal, posterize, cartoonize, silk and flares. You can unlock even more effects by heading to the Repix store from within the app and making in-app purchases. You can also select the ‘Undoer’ and ‘Eraser’ brushes to remove changes from selective areas of the picture.

Repix iPad

Images edited in Repix can be saved to camera roll, or shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram. The interface offered by Repix is really neat, and is definitely praiseworthy. This universal app is available for free, so head to the link below and grab it for your iDevice.

Install Repix for iOS

Update: Repix is now available for Android as well. We’ve added a link to its Google Play Store page below.

Install Repix for Android

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