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How to reset all app permissions on iOS

Apps on iOS require access to certain information that your device can collect. For example, it can collect location information but your iPhone doesn’t let apps just access it unless you allow them to. Even then, it’s really easy to revoke permissions you’ve granted to an app. That said if you want to reset all app permissions on iOS, there is a single switch to do the job.

Reset all app permissions

Open the Settings app and go to the General settings. Scroll to the very bottom, and tap ‘Reset Location & Privacy’.

You will have to enter the passcode for your phone and confirm one more time that you want to reset the settings.

After that, when you open an app and it needs permissions for something e.g., posting a photo on Facebook, taking a photo with the camera app with location data, or looking up an address on Google Maps, you will get a prompt on your screen asking you to allow the app permission to access the information it needs to work.

This will reset permissions for all apps on your phone. All of them. If you want to reset permissions for just a single app, you can do that too and the process is similarly easy.

Open the Settings app and scroll down. You will see every single app that’s installed on your system listed here. Look for the app that you want to reset permissions for, and tap it. The next screen will show you two things; all the permissions that the app can ask for, and which of them you’ve enabled.

To reset the permissions, you need to simply flip/tap the switch next to each one. After you turn off all the permissions, they will be reset. The app(s) will no longer have access to the information your device can provide e.g., Facebook cannot access photos in your camera roll, and it can’t access your location. That said, this is not going to erase any information that the app already has.

It simply revokes access to future information. If the app you’re using tends to save information to its own servers, turning them off on your device isn’t going to erase it.

If you’re looking to remove information that an app might have saved, you’re going to have to go digging around the app’s own settings and options. If it’s a service, it is possible that there is a way to delete your account and all the information that’s saved with it.

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