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Run The Full YouTube App From iOS Home Screen With VeloxTube

It has been quite some time since we last covered anything related to Velox, and some of you might even have forgotten what the tweak exactly did. Essentially, Velox lets you use the most important features of some stock and third-party apps right from your iPhone’s SpringBoard. While a few third-party apps are supported by this awesome tweak by default, most are reliant on Velox add-ons if they want a share of the goodness. In our list of best third-party Velox add-ons, we  discussed many such ways of making additional apps compatible with the tweak. One app that was quite an obvious miss is YouTube. Now, however, a developer has finally come up with an add-on that makes it possible for users to get the full YouTube experience without even launching an app. VeloxTube has been designed to work with the official YouTube app from Google, and almost all areas of the app can be accessed and used right within its Velox folder.

VeloxTube iOS Search VeloxTube iOS

The add-on is available in the BigBoss repo as a free download. Once installed, make sure the official YouTube app is not inside a folder, and perform the familiar swipe gesture on it. The VeloxTube folder shows up as a blank screen at first, but with a search bar at the top. All the magic happens through this search area; just enter any query and the tweak displays all the search results related to it, just the way they would appear inside the app. From here, you can click almost anything, and navigate to different areas of the app. Going through channels, playlists and even the app’s main menu are all possible right from VeloxTube. If you want, you can even choose to sign in to your YouTube account from the navigation pane, and then manage all your settings and playlists from there.

On a video’s own page, you’ll see comments as well as viewing stats. You get all the playback options that appear inside the YouTube app’s video player. There is one area of the add-on, however, that makes you leave the VeloxTube folder. The videos played inside the add-on only have full screen mode, with the usual video controls and seek bar to go with them. When you are done watching though, the folder shows up again, in the exact state in which it was last left.

It might be understandable if you can’t see the point of VeloxTube, since it isn’t any different from the actual app, but it can also be argued that this is what makes it great. So, if you own Velox, do give this nifty little add-on a shot.

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