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Rundavoo For iPhone Lets You Plan Events With Friends On The Go

About a month ago, we covered GrouPlay – an app that lets users collaborate on choosing the music for a gathering. Before you get to the point of selecting music for your party though, you have to choose a place, invite everyone and fix a time that is convenient for all the guests. Usually, any event’s planner decides upon a venue and time before sending out the invitations, but changes can invariably be made later when people start giving their feedback. Won’t it be more sensible to collaborate with the invitees before finalizing an event’s specifics? Rundavoo is an iPhone app that invites your contacts to an event and asks them for suggestions regarding the time and vanue. All events created using the app are synced with your default iOS calendar, and come with chat rooms of their own to allow easy interaction.

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In the present day and age, almost everyone you know is likely to be on your Facebook account, so Rundavoo depends upon Facebook to let you create events and interact with the invited guests. Once you have linked your Facebook account with the app, Rundavoo imports all events where you have already been invited by your friends. To create a new event of your own, drag the ‘+’ icon upwards. To save time, there are presets for some common types of events that you can choose to get started, but if the intended event doesn’t fall under any of the listed categories, simply go for ‘Other’.

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To create a event, you have to answer the four basic questions of who, what, where and when. The guest list has to be selected from your Facebook friends list. If you aren’t yet sure about the venue, Rundavoo even suggests places that are near your current location. Although the creator of an event has to set a time, nothing is final and both the venue and time of events don’t show up until all the invitees have had their say. The recipients of a Rundavoo request can provide their feedback regarding the When and Where parts of the event. The app displays all the suggestions and their responses so that the host can decide on the final place and time with ease. Hit the gear icon in the top bar of any event if you want to add it to your calendar or are looking to tinker with its notifications settings. Messages can be posted to the entire group, and pinned to the event’s page using the bubble icon located in the top-right corner. When you decide you have received enough responses from the recipients, tap the lock icons to finalize everything.

Rundavoo has a few shortcomings like the fact that only Facebook friends can be invited through it, and all parties need to be using the app. If you can look past these limitations, the app is pretty good at what it does. Rundavoo is available as an iPhone-optimized free app in the App Store.

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