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Scan & Edit Printed Photos In Bulk On Your iPhone Using Pic Scanner

Casual, low-resolution scanners have been pushed out of the mainstream by smartphone cameras in recent years. Since your handheld devices are more readily available as well as easier to handle, it makes perfect sense to use them for as many activities as possible. While the superior quality offered by scanners is something that prevents users from relying too much on other cameras for converting physical data to digital form, the lack of a proper scanning mechanism and accompanying software also plays a major role in this choice. This is exactly why there are Android and iOS apps striving to come up with ways to ensure that the scanning process remains as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Handy Scanner and ShoeBox are just two of the many smartphone apps that mimic scanner capabilities, but Pic Scanner takes things one step further. The iOS app does offer point-and-scan capabilities, but it can also scan multiple photos simultaneously and then let users edit them with ease. Pic Scanner can distinguish between separate documents and pictures, cropping them to come up with multiple end results that can be saved as individual photos.

Pic Scanner iPhone Photos

Pic Scanner is a simple app, but if you still want to learn all about its features and usage, hit the ‘Help’ option located in the top-right corner of the main screen. To get down to action, place the objects you want to scan on a flat surface that is not textured, and hold your device over them. The “OK” indicator should light up on the viewfinder before you press the capture button. Make sure that the objects are at least half an inch apart before you press the shutter button. Once a photo has been captured, and you are satisfied with its quality, hit the ‘Use’ button and let Pic Scanner crop the captured objects into separate photos.

Pic Scanner iPhone Collection Pic Scanner iOS FX

The cropped photos can be edited individually and added to albums for easier management. The editing options in Pic Scanner include image effects, rotation, trimming and captioning. Once you are satisfied with a picture, hit the share button. Photos can be saved to the camera roll or posted to social media.

If you prefer keeping your pictures organized in albums, simply create one in Pic Scanner and start adding photos to it. Albums can be used to delete photos in bulk, and group similar ones together. These albums can be given names of your choice as well.

Pic Scanner is a free app, but you only get 10 free scans as a trial. After these captures have been consumed, you have to shell out $2.99 as a one-time in-app purchase in order to keep using Pic Scanner indefinitely. You can give this universal app a go by heading to the following link.

Install Pic Scanner from iOS App Store

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