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TakeOff – Schedule Instagram Posts At Regular Intervals For The Day

There aren’t a lot of apps out there that can legitimately claim to improve your Instagram experience. Plenty of web apps have surfaced attempting to do just that and it’s hard to mention one that came any close. So far only apps that allow us to download all out photos from Instagram are the winners in this category.  TakeOff is a free app available for both Android and iOS that lets you schedule up to ten posts a day on Instagram. The app asks how many photos a day you want to post ( from 1 -10). You select the photo, add a caption, and the app will decide what is the best time to post them. You cannot give the app a custom date for scheduling a post. The app is super simple and can legitimately claim to be a great companion app for the avid Instagram user.

Launch the app and sign in with your Instagram account. You will have to sign in to Instagram from TakeOff as it doesn’t communicate with either the Instagram app or the Facebook app on your phone. You need not have the Instagram app installed on your device to post photos to your account with TakeOff but you will need it to create the photo you want to share.

Once you’ve signed in, tap the little cog wheel at the bottom right to select how many posts you plan to make in a day, up to ten. To compose a post, tap the large blue plus button. You can take a photo with the camera app or use a photo from your camera roll.

options TakeOff

Select the photo and crop it. You can then caption a post and add any hashtags you find suitable. Tap the green done button at the top right and your photo will be scheduled. You can see on the app’s home screen how many hours later the photo will be posted.

TakeOff photo TakeOff compose

You can edit or delete the post any time before TakeOff posts it by tapping the photo. You can also post it immediately by tapping the ‘Post’ button. The flaw with this app is that it has no filters or anything. When you compose a post, you need to first take a photo, apply the filters etc in the Instagram app, and then save that photo to your camera roll so you can schedule it with TakeOff.

TakeOff supports multiple accounts; to add a second account, tap you profile picture at the top right and add an account in the side drawer . When scheduling a post, you can select any one of the configured accounts to schedule it to.

TakeOff edit TakeOff account

TakeOff worked well enough on the iPhone but the app wouldn’t schedule a post on Android despite many attempts. Perhaps it’s unable to play nice with Lollipop so give it a try if you’re running an older Android version.

Install TakeOff From The App Store

Install TakeOff From The Google Play Store


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