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Search App Store, Cydia, Social Media & Much More From iOS Spotlight

Spotlight search is among the most favorite targets for Cydia developers. The perfect combination of permanent presence and limited usefulness has enticed many jailbreak developers to come up with tweaks that can really enhance Spotlight. SLightEnhancerSearch is the latest tweak that will put your iPhone’s Spotlight search on steroids. While almost all local areas of your iDevice are already accessible through Spotlight, the search range is by no means complete. For example, Spotlight is useless if you want to search within the App Store. When it comes to web searches, there are just search engines (Google by default) and Wikipedia on offer. SLightEnhancerSearch lets users decide what they want to search for from the Spotlight. You can add a lot of search shortcuts to the list, including major social media apps, iTunes, App Store, Cydia, iBooks and more. Join us after the break for the complete list and further details.

SLightEnhancerSearch Cydia Settings SLightEnhancerSearch Spotlight

SLightEnhancerSearch is available as a free download in Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak will not affect the existing functionality of Spotlight in any way. That is, you will still be able to see your messages, contacts, media library and other stock options in response to a query. The tweak simply adds new options within the results list that appears below the search bar when you start entering text.

The new options are added below the Search Wikipedia item. Note that you won’t be able to see these in Spotlight straight away, as the tweak has to be manually configured from the stock Settings app. the following search options can be enabled or disabled from the tweaks settings menu:

  • Cydia
  • App Store
  • iTunes
  • Facebook
  • Quran
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • iBooks
  • Alfanous

After toggling an option on, hit the Apply Changes button. If that doesn’t work, try manually respringing the device.

SLightEnhancerSearch may display results for some searches in Safari, while other queries will take you directly to the official clients of the target source (like iBooks, App Store, Instagram, etc.) as long as you have them installed.

Thanks to the level of customization it offers, SLightEnhancerSearch doesn’t feel unintrusive like some other similar tweaks. It isn’t completely bug-free, though. The Apply Changes button failed to work for us, and it needed more than a few resprings to get everything up and running. Another area in which SLightEnhancerSearch can improve is the presentation of the search options in the Spotlight area. We’re hoping a future update will add icons next to each search option. Thanks to the level of control it offers by the tweak, it won’t feel intrusive at all.

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