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Search Apple Music Playlists And Listen To Them On Your iPhone

Apple Music, now that it has arrived, is here to stay. Maybe some people will fight it but like all things Apple launches it will certainly inspire new services and apps to be developed. If you’re loving Apple Music and have discovered new songs and artists, Playlist Hunt is a web service that you will want to check out. It’s like the Product Hunt of playlists created on Apple Music. You can view playlists submitted to it daily, submit your own playlists, and even import one to listen to on your own phone. It also has a search feature that you can use to find a playlist that suits your tastes.

Visit Playlist Hunt and scroll through the various playlists submitted by users daily. To submit your own playlist, you will have to log in to the app using either your Twitter or Facebook ID. You can then enter a name and select a genre for your playlist, and then share its URL.


To listen to a playlist, tap on it. Unfortunately, tapping on it and viewing it in iTunes (or the Music app) is something that only seems to work if you’re browsing the service on your iPhone. You must of course have an Apple Music subscription to be able to listen to a playlist.

The one problem with the service is that it only works as it’s supposed to on your iPhone’s web browser but the service itself isn’t optimized for a mobile browser making it difficult to search for a playlist.

Visit PlaylistHunt

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