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Search Imgur For Reaction GIFs From Inside Facebook Messenger

Imgur, while great for sharing images on Reddit is notorious for its very bad mobile apps. They recently released a fresh Android app and just a while before that overhauled their iOS app. The effort made on either one was unimpressive but Imgur still remains one of the biggest hoards of images available online. If you installed the app but are considering uninstalling it because it’s so terrible you might want to keep it around because it lets you search for and send reaction GIFs from the Facebook Messenger app. Here’s how.

Make sure you have the Imgur app installed and the latest version of Facebook Messenger on your phone. Open Messenger and tap the more button. You will switch to a screen that lists all apps that allow you to send images via Facebook Messenger. Tap Imgur in the list.

fb_m_more.jpg fb_m_more

You can search for a reaction GIF by entering a keyword or phrase in the search bar or you can tap one of the categories already listed and view all GIFs in it. There’s even a feature that allows you to shake your device and get a random GIF for that category.

imgur_search_gif imgur_select_gif

Once you’ve found the GIF you want to use, tap it and then tap the ‘Send’ button. You will switch back to the message thread interface. Tap ‘Send GIF’ in the menu to send the GIF.

imgur_fb_m_send imgur_fb_m_sendgif

Your recipient will be able to view the GIF regardless if they have the Imgur app installed or not. They must have the latest version of Messenger installed as the GIF’s playing depends on it.

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