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Searchr: Website & App Specific Search With Executable App Actions [iOS]

Spotlight is one of the more popular features of iOS and OS X. Unlike Spotlight in OS X, there are no search classifiers or filters in Spotlight in iOS. Searchr is an iOS app that does what Spotlight does but with filters for which apps the information you want to search. It’s a free, ad supported app that will let you launch other apps, and search a host of others. The results are filtered by app so that if you’re looking for say, file in Google Drive, you can scroll down to all matching results from Google Drive. A $2.99 upgrade lets you remove ads.

The app is divided into four tabs. The search tab is nothing more than a search bar at the top of a blank page that will populate with the search results. The Services tab is where all actions that you can execute and the apps that are indexed in the search are listed. The Downloads tab is reserved for photos and videos imported from your device, and the Settings tab lets you upgrade to remove ads.

You will find useful services like a dictionary and translation that you can add to Searchr’s index. The services you want to use have to be selected individually. In addition to searching apps, you can also select search engines or websites that should be searched. This includes the App Store and sites like eBay, IMDb, Reddit, and more. The search results are listed in the same order as they appear in the list and you can reorder them to reflect in the search results.

Searchr services Searchr search

Apart from searching apps and websites, Searchr can also execute actions from its search page. Some actions come pre-configured but you can add your own. The pre-configured actions let you create notes with apps like SimpleNote and Evernote, provided they are installed on your device.

Searchr actions Searchr custom actions

Searchr doesn’t emulate Spotlight in OS X and its filters but it has more app specific searching abilities. What it doesn’t do is let you tell the app, right off the bat, which app you want to search. It may have been more effective if a user could type a filter before the search such as ‘Photos’ so that the app knows to search only for photos or just the camera roll. What I like about the app is it’s ability to not just open an app but to perform an action when said app is launched.

Download Searchr From The App Store

[via Lifehacker]


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