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Set Custom Volume And Snooze Time For Individual Alarms In iOS [Jailbreak]

Alarms, where would we be without them? Probably sleeping in late till past noon and unable to show up to work on time which makes them the necessary evil in our lives. The stock clock app on iOS is clock, alarm, timer, all in one. Where it fills so many requirements, it doesn’t make room for a lot of customization. The same can be said for Android but customizing it isn’t much of a problem ever. That said, iOS users can always Jailbreak and if you have, give Safe Alarm PRO a try. It’s a Cydia tweak available in BigBoss repository for $0.99 that lets you customize how you turn alarms off (the swipe and power button behavior) and also customize the volume and snooze duration for each individual alarm.

Install Safe Alarm PRO, and head over to the Settings app. Settings for Safe Alarm PRO are split between the Settings app and the Clock app. In the Settings app, the Safe Alarm PRO preference lets you change the behavior of the power button and the swipe action. The option to access the alarms from the Control Center didn’t work though.

If you don’t want to enable any of these options, you can skip  visiting the preference altogether and just head over to the Clock app. Add the alarm you want to customize or tap one of the existing ones. Scroll down and enable Safe Alarm PRO for that alarm.

Safe Alarm PRO Safe Alarm PRO enable

After you enable Safe Alarm PRO for an alarm, scroll further down the alarm editing screen and you can change the snooze duration. You can also pick what unit of time i.e. seconds, minutes, or hours, the snooze time should be measured in and I really like that because it lets me set a fifteen minute or thirty minute snooze alarm negating the need to add multiple alarms just so I can get up on time everyday.

Below the snooze settings are the volume options; you can choose the volume level for an alarm and you can also turn vibration off for the alarm for when your phone is set to ring or when it’s set to vibrate. This is another great option if you’re trying to conserve your phone’s battery.

Safe Alarm PRO snooze Safe Alarm PRO volume

Lastly, there is the auto-dismiss option which lets you set how soon the alarm will automatically turn itself off if you don’t respond to it. This setting supports time in seconds and minutes. Safe Alarm PRO is pretty comprehensive and for $0.99, it’s well worth it.


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