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Set iOS 5.1 Camera Grabber To Launch Any App With GrabberApp [Cydia]

Back before the release of iOS 5.1, we covered a Cydia tweak named AnyAppLock (reviewed here), which simply allowed users to replace the iPhone lockscreen camera button with a shortcut to any app of their choice. A lot has changed since then, and camera grabber has taken the place of the camera button on iPhone’s lockscreen. This implies that now we need a new Cydia tweak that can launch an app (other than the stock Camera) when the grabber is slid upwards. Fortunately, such a tweak has already arrived in the iOS jailbreak store, and is named GrabberApp. Even if you haven’t updated to iOS 5.1 yet, the tweak can still be of use to you, as it will add the camera grabber to your lockscreen first, and then allow you to program it to open any app you want. Head past the break to know all about GrabberApp, the useful new tweak in the Cydia store.

GrabberApp Settings GrabberApp

GrabberApp is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and you can download it for free from there. Once it has been installed to your iDevice, the tweak will not add any new Springboard icons, as it has to be configured via a menu in the stock Settings app. In case you aren’t on iOS 5.1, go to the lockscreen, and you will see that the ordinary camera grabber has been added there. Now, go to the GrabberApp menu, and choose the app you want to configure against the grabber slider. The list of apps available there includes both stock and third-party ones, and you just have to hit the Enable button once you have chosen the app. Now, whenever you use the camera grabber, the selected app will show up instead of the camera.

GrabberApp is compatible with passcode as well, and you won’t be able to navigate to any part of iOS other than the chosen app without entering the correct passcode. The only thing that this Cydia tweak does not do is change the icon of the camera grabber to reflect your choice of app (a feature that was present in the AnyAppLock tweak for iOS 5). Other than this minor cosmetic deficiency, GrabberApp is just about perfect if there is any other app on your jailbroken iPhone that you use more than the camera. The tweak is free, and if you like camera grabber but want more out of it, GrabberApp is just the thing you need.

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