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Set The iOS Keyboard To Change Color Based On The App You’re Using

A jailbroken iPhone always trumps its jailed counterparts, or at least that’s what I firmly believe in. You see, it’s never about piracy – it never was, in fact – and the sheer volume of modifications that you can make once you’ve shed the restrictions imposed by Apple makes the whole process worth it. Take AdaptiveKeyboard, for example, which is a recently-released jailbreak tweak that changes the iOS keyboard color to match the dominant color in the respective app’s icon, giving a cool aesthetic overhaul to the typing experience on the whole. Intrigued? Let’s see what you get with this package right after the jump.

AdaptiveKeyboard_Cydia_Tweak (1)

AdaptiveKeyboard basically takes the idea that the default iOS keyboard, while excellent for onscreen typing, is plain and simple, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Unlike iPhone’s major competitor, Android, Apple does not allow developers to change much with respect to keyboard, let alone have an alternative keyboard that works across your entire device.

This is where the jailbreak scenario comes in, and we’ve seen the likes of TouchPal for iOS become available through Cydia. However, maybe you don’t want something completely different or unique, right? Maybe you just want to add a touch of color to your keyboard, and that’s exactly what AdaptiveKeyboard does. The tweak looks at the app that you’re using the keyboard in, and changes the keyboard’s color to match the color of the app’s icon. Check out the screenshots below for a better understanding.

AdaptiveKeyboard_Cydia_Tweak (3) AdaptiveKeyboard_Cydia_Tweak (2)

In case the app icon contains a variety of colors, the keyboard will take the one that is most dominant, so as you can see in the Facebook app screenshot, even though the ‘f’ in the icon is white, the dominant color is blue, and that’s what the keyboard took.

AdaptiveKeyboard is an all or nothing package, so there aren’t any settings that you can configure, nor will the tweak be listed under your iPhone’s Settings app. Consequently, there might be cases where you may not aesthetically like the color that the keyboard inherits, but you’ll have to live with that. I, personally, did not like the green keyboard in Messages, but there’s no opting out. Perhaps that’s something the developer will want to look into.

AdaptiveKeyboard is available for jailbroken iPhones through the ModMyi repository in Cydia, so there aren’t any special sources that you’ll need to add to find this tweak. It’s a commercial package and will cost $0.99 to install, which, to be fair, is somewhat unnecessary for a mere visual tweak. Then again, if you’re into customization and look forward to having your device stand out, hey, it’s just a dollar.

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