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Share Files From Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive Via The iOS Keyboard

As of iOS 8, third-party keyboards can be installed on your iOS device. We’ve reviewed quite a few of these third party keyboards and a lot of those available in the App Store are geared towards GIFs and other texting/messaging needs. Third party keyboards aimed at productivity are some what rare compared to the more fun options. ThingThing is one such rare keyboard app that’s aimed at productivity. It lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, the Calendar app, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, Pocket, and Wonderlist accounts all from your keyboard. You can use the app to insert photos quickly from your camera roll or from your Facebook account, and you can use it to share files from Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Install ThingThing and enable it from Settings>General>Keyboards>Keyboards. Grant the app full access and then launch the app to configure the various accounts you want to use from it.

For each account you connect, you will be redirected to the the app and asked to grant ThingThing permission to access your data. Once you’ve connected the services/accounts you want to connect, open a messaging app and tap the globe button repeatedly until you cycle to ThingThing keyboard.

ThingThing is divided into tabs with one tab dedicated to each service that you connect. If you want to share a file from Dropbox, tap the Dropbox tab and browse for the file you want to attach. ThingThing will even let you preview some files from its own interface. You can share an entire folder or just a few files.

Thingthing Thingthing-keyboard

When files are shared, ThingThing adds a (Shared using www.thingthing.co) signature to the message that you send. You can delete it before you send files or photos.

Download ThingThing From The App Store

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