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Shazam Comes To iPad With Auto Background Tagging & Interactive Maps

Back in December, the famous music recognition app Shazam was updated with support for offline tagging, which seemed like a pretty revolutionary feature. Looking back, however, you have to admit that Shazam needs support for more platforms before it goes about adding novelty features to the mix. It was quite heartening to see Shazam arriving on Windows 8, but the owners of iPad continued feeling a bit ignored. Of course, the app has been around on iOS for a long time, but wasn’t display-optimized for the tablet. After taking a look at the new universal version of the app, we can safely say that the wait has been totally worthwhile. Not only does the iPad version of Shazam come with a gorgeous interface, it also debuts some features that will only arrive later on other devices. These include continuous scanning of your surroundings for new music even when the app is in the background, and a prominent place for popular tags from different TV shows. Shazam now also has an ‘Explore’ view, where users get to see trending tags belonging to a particular city or country.


The ‘Auto Tagging’ features sounds like a bit of a battery hog but thankfully, you can toggle it pretty conveniently using the option provided on the app’s main screen. Auto tagging might come in handy when you are at a party, or any place where music is expected in the background. To make sure you don’t forget about Auto Tagging running in the background after enabling it, the status bar of your iPad becomes red even if you are on the SpringBoard, or using another app. There is no external indication whenever a tag is added, which makes the feature completely distraction-free. When you go back to Shazam though, your new tags are waiting at the top of the screen in a scrollable list of album art. You can then add any detected song to your favorites by hitting the star icon.

On the same Home screen, ‘Real Time Top TV’ results are shown to make sure Shazam users always have a general idea of the popularity of different shows.

Shazam iPad Explore

Head to the ‘Explore’ section if you want to get a location-based view of music trends from all around the world. The map displayed in this section is zoom-able and the more you zoom in, the more level of detail you get. Tapping any entry on the map reveals a full list of top tags from the region under inspection.

As always, Shazam remains a free app. We hope that the great auto tagging feature comes to other devices in the near future as well but until then, iPad users can get it by giving the newly updated app a shot.

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