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SiLight: Toggle On Your iPhone’s LED Flashlight via Siri

Siri can do a lot of things thanks to the vast array of Cydia tweaks available in the jailbreak store, and even more new features will be added to its repertoire in iOS 6. Most of the tasks Siri is capable of performing are related to the software aspect of your phone, or other apps, and there is not much Apple’s personal assistant can do if you want to control any hardware component of your iOS device. That is exactly why SiLight is a rather unique tweak for Siri-enabled iDevices. Using SiLight, you will be able to toggle on the camera flash on your iPhone with a simple verbal request to Siri. This promises to be the fastest flashlight solution for all iOS devices that have access to the speaking virtual assistant.

SiLight Cydia SiLight Siri Flashlight

SiLight is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and you can grab it for your iPhone for absolutely no cost at all. Like many other awesome Siri-related tweaks, SiLight is also an add-on based on the AssistantExtensions platform, and if you don’t have that installed on your device already, SiLight will download it automatically. Once the tweak’s installation is complete (along with its prerequisite), you are ready to use it. Users don’t have to configure any options to get started, as SiLight has got no menu in the stock Settings app or an icon on the Springboard.

There are no limited number of commands that will bring SiLight into action, and anything to the effect of “Switch on the flashlight” or “I need a flashlight, Siri” ought to do the trick. Once your command has been recognized by Siri, she will just say “Will this help?” and your camera flash will be switched on immediately. The fact that the flashlight commands in SiLight work in lock screen, too, ensure that you can always turn on the light as quickly as you want to.

Although everything about SiLight works smoothly, there is a slight catch. The tweak does not have any clear-cut method for turning off the flashlight (at least, none that we could find). You will have to rely on some other flashlight toggle that you might have installed on your iPhone via Cydia, or if you don’t want that, there is the rather lengthy route of heading to the Camera app and manually turning off the flash from there. Apart from this little nuisance, the tweak is a pretty useful one, and if you are a camping person, or are often in need of a flashlight, SiLight is the perfect thing for you.

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