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Sing-N-Share Is A Karaoke Assistant For iPhone & Android With A Library Of 12,000+ Songs

Love to sing, but end up getting embarrassed because of not being able to remember the full lyrics of your favorite song? What you need is a karaoke app! For those unfamiliar with karaoke apps, they provide you with backing vocals and instrumental tracks or record performances of your favorite songs, letting you hear and sing songs from the artists you adore. We are going to take a look at one such new app for iOS and Android called Sing-N-Share, which is a brilliantly executed karaoke assistant sporting an awesome and highly intuitive user-interface, along with access to a collection of over 12,000 fully-licensed popular karaoke songs from various genres.

Sing-N-Share allows you to record your voice along with your favorite background tunes, and then save it to your device or upload it to social media services such as Facebook and Twitter in order to boast your talent to your friends. You can use Sing-N-Share with or without linking your Twitter or Facebook accounts with the service. Not linking an account, however, will only offer you a handful of songs, and no option to upload your recordings.

The main screen of the app lets you browse among a bevy of music genres such as country, pop, R&B, rock, as well as What’s Hot and What’s New. Each color-coded genre from the list includes smash-hit songs from various artists, and you can can tap the song you want to begin playback and lyrics display. What’s you’re looking for is not on the list? Fret not, because Sing-N-Share also lets you manually search its library.

Sing-N-Share Sing-N-Share_Songs Sing-N-Share_Main

When you tap the song you want to play, the app takes a few seconds to load the music and then begins playback. along with displaying the song’s lyrics for you to view and sing along the way. Once you’ve recorded your song, simply tap on the screen to bring up a pop up menu that will let you upload the file, save it to your local storage, or discard the recording. Each file that you upload appears under your profile, allowing you to access your previous recordings on the fly.

Sing-N-Share_Sing Sing-N-Share_UPload Sing-N-Share_Profile

It’s interesting to see that the app is well optimized for both phones and tablets, and fun to use on both platforms. Sing-N-SHare is available for free on both the supported platforms’ respective app stores, and you can download it via the links provided below.

Install Sing-N-Share for Android

Install Sing-N-Share for iOS

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