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Smart Office 2 Lets You Compose & Edit MS Office Files On iOS, Provides Dropbox Access

Even some of the more expensive iOS apps don’t let users edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on their iPhone or iPad. You have got many options if you just want to view Office files on an iDevice, but editing and creating documents is a whole new matter. Smart Office 2 is an app that can really make sure you never have to go to your computer ever again just to make changes to a Word file or presentation. The app comes with pretty comprehensive Dropbox and Google Docs integration. You can access any Office file stored on these two services on your accounts, and the files edited in Smart Office 2 can be exported as PDFs or you can make any change you want to them (even images can be added to documents). The app offers almost all the formatting options you can ever want on your iDevice, and comes with special focus on letting you print your work via AirPrint.

Smart Office 2 iOS Home Smart Office 2 iOS Templates Smart Office 2 iOS Preview

While everything else about the app is perfect, the interface could have been better. On an iPhone, everything about Smart Office 2 looks a little too small. However, once you get past that, you are sure to fall in love with this handy app. To get the most out of Smart Office 2, it is better if you link your Google and Dropbox accounts with it before anything else. This can be done by hitting the Explore icon from the bottom bar of the main page. If you have got some Office files already stored in your iPhone, the app will automatically access them to display in the Documents section.

In order to make a new file, hit the Create button and choose the file type. Alternatively, you can use any of the existing templates in the app and start working on them. The supported formats in Smart Office 2 include all versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel since 1997, images and PDF. If you want, you can easily export a Word file as PDF, simply by going to the File menu and hitting the PDF option.

Smart Office 2 iOS Powerpoint Smart Office 2 iOS Word Smart Office 2 iOS Print

When it comes to editing files in Smart Office 2, you get plenty of options. Images can be added to documents, while the formatting options include text font, size and alignment choices. While working on a presentation, you can choose the background theme of your slides, and the usual image insertion and formatting options are available as well. If you want to get a print of your work saved in Smart Office 2, you don’t need any separate app for that. Through the AirPrint menu of the app, you can adjust all the basic aspects of documents before printing them.

Smart Office 2 has gone free for a very limited time, and this price drop is an offer that you just have to avail. The app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Smart Office 2 For iOS


  1. My friend; I have a serious problem in getting started. i can get to the template new document (Write) but cannot save it; I am asked for passwords and email addresses changqe the file name being suggested but cannot see if or if the document has been saved.
    Kindly ask you if there is a written step by step guide somewhere?
    Thank you

    • Look in the top bar for the save icon. Swipe across the top if the bar isn’t visible by default.

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