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How To Use Smart Replies In Gmail

Smartphones have a neat little feature called text replacement. If you often mistype a word or use an informal short version of it, you can use text replacements to automatically replace it with the actual word. For example, if you habitually type ‘gng’ in place of ‘going’, text replacement will replace your abbreviated version of the word with the actual one. It’s also great to use as a template. You can type ‘omw’ and have it replaced with ‘On my way’. It’s three taps to type out a quick message. If you configure text replacement on a phone it will work om almost all apps. Gmail has introduced a similar but smarter feature called smart replies. Smart replies in Gmail are replies that you can tap to enter in reply to a message.

Smart Replies in Gmail don’t appear for all messages. Some users have been lead to believe that smart replies in Gmail will only appear if you’re using Inbox. That’s not the case either. They work in both the Gmail and Inbox apps.

Smart Replies In Gmail

Smart replies appear in the Gmail and Inbox smartphone apps. They’re ‘smart’ because they look at the message itself and tweak the replies it offers you. If an email doesn’t have a subject and a body, just an attachment or two, you won’t see any smart replies.

If however, the email you received has a subject and/or text in the body, both the Gmail and Inbox apps will show you quick replies. Open an email and scroll to the very bottom.

Emails that are just an attachment or emails that you’ve already replied to will not have smart replies at the bottom of the message. If you receive a new message in the same thread, you will see smart replies for it.

Quick Replies Is Learning

Sometimes you will get an email with a proper subject, body, and attachment. you still won’t see the smart reply options. This is because smart replies is a feature that’s still learning. It’s suggestions are based on the email’s body. If there’s no email body or the message isn’t one that the feature can create a reply for then you simply won’t see the replies.

As you use the feature more and more, it will learn to create better replies. The feature can’t give you detailed replies. It’s supposed to shorten the whole process of sending a ‘Thank you’ or ‘You’re welcome’ message.

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