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Snap Photos To Create Lists And Sort Them With Action Based Tags [iOS]

Think of something you need to get done and it’s likely to fall into one of nine categories according to NINE, a new list making app for iOS. NINE runs on a simple concept; anything that you need to remember or do can be sorted into nine types of actions; something you need to do, some place you need to go, something you have to buy, music you plan on checking out, a movie that you want to watch, a book you’ve been meaning to read, a little note you jotted down about something, something you really enjoyed and want to remember for later, and something you want to eat or cook. This app is only compatible with iOS 8.

NINE is an app to use on the go, and also when you don’t feel like typing a to-do list. You use your camera to take pictures of things that you need to remember or get done, or if you’ve taken a photo of something previously, you can import it from your camera roll.

Open the app and tap the plus button to add your first item. Take a photo of what you might want to buy, or read, or look up later, and then give it a title. The app will also save your current location when you add a new item and the location cannot be edited later. Next, choose a ‘tag’ for it. The tags separate the items into their categories. You can assign multiple tags to one item.

NINE_new NINE-tags

Your lists appear on your homescreen as thumbnails that you scroll through or you can tap the grid like button at the top right and select a tag to scroll through all items with that tag.

NINE_home  NINE_buy_tag

Tap a note to view it. The app has an absolutely delightful interface; reading the information you’ve saved is easy, and editing, archiving, and deleting notes is very intuitive. You can search notes from the Tags screen.

NINE_note NINE_Tags

The main reason I love NINE is because I often don’t want to be bothered with typing a note on my phone (this has nothing to do with screen size) so I will snap a photo of whatever it is I want to remember if it’s possible. Another great use I have for this app is when I have to buy a certain product and need to be sure I get the right type in which case taking a photo of the packaging is the way to get it right.

NINE is a list app, it is not a reminder app and that means no alarms or alerts can be set with the app. The app uses your location to help you find where you created a note which is great for when you forget where you bought your tyres from, or where you can by your favorite cereal. That said, I do wish it had a location based search for one reason; if I’m in a particular place, I would like nothing more than for this app to tell me what items I need and can buy close to where I am. It’ll save extra trips to the store, and it will help me remember to buy things when I’m there without me having to be proactive about it.

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