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snapp! Is A Social Location Sharing App For Android & iOS With Indoor Check-ins

There aren’t a lot of apps out there that allow you to keep track of your social contacts’ whereabouts, and that too integrated with multiple social network services. Using snapp!, a free social location sharing and tracking app for Android and iOS, you can do just that. Powered by Google Maps and Sensewhere’s crowdsourced indoor maps, the app helps you view the current locations of your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Sensewhere friends (other snapp! users), using color-coded placemarkers and avatars to make it easier. You can opt to check in to a particular building/location, or a specific room within a building. In addition, it lets you post status updates and photos across multiple networks simultaneously. The app can also be set to register automatic check-ins for your favorite places and constantly track your current location at predefined intervals. You could say it is like Google Latitude with extensive social media integration and indoor check-ins. snapp! for iOS hit the iTunes App Store a while ago, while its Android variant is fresh to the Play Store.

As the indoor maps feature is crowdsourced and new, it will take some time to populate. If you are based in one of the regions where indoor maps are currently available, you’ll find the option to switch back and forth between indoor and outdoor map view with a tap. This way, when required, you can let your friends know your precise location on map – particularly useful if, say, you’re shopping at a mall with a group of friends.


To get started, you must log in to the app through one of the supported social networks. Past the login phase, you’re taken to the map view, with a placemarker indicating your current location. Provided your social contacts are already on snapp!, you can start viewing their locations on the map. If you wish to follow locations of contacts from a specific service only, just tap the filter button in the top-right corner and select your network.

Using the couple of tabs at the bottom, you may post a Shout out (status update) or Check In to a location of choice. Following every check-in, you are presented with the option to post the update to any or all networks. Tapping a user’s placemarker reveals a similar screen from where you can stay in touch with their recent status updates, as well as check-ins.


That’s about it – a simple way to share your location and feelings with friends scattered across various networks, and in return, staying apprised of theirs.

Download snapp! For Android

Download snapp! For iOS

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