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Social Stock For iPhone Converts Social Media Influence Into Stocks Tradable For Real-Life Deals

Although the newly released iPhone app Social Stock might appear to be a copy of Klout at first glance, the two services differ from each other in almost every aspect, including the basic concept. Social Stock doesn’t just calculate your social network influence and presence; it aims to let you use that influence in real life to get deals and discounts. For now, the deals part is just a concept, as Social Stock is in its alpha phase and no commercial partners have been added, but still, you can spend a few interesting hours trying to invest in your friends and calculating their social media importance. Social Stock assigns a net worth to all your Facebook friends based on their influence and activeness on social media. The same principle holds true for places, and you can buy any person or place’s shares and reap the rewards if their activity or influence increases. Feeling a bit confused? Head past the break for details regarding this innovative app.

SocialStock Stocks SocialStock Friends

For now, the only way to use Social Stock is via linking your Facebook account with it, but more networks are sure to be added in the future. Once you have granted the app access to your Facebook profile, it will import all your friends to the Stocks section automatically, and a starting price is assigned to each of them separately. The more active a person, the higher their stock price will be. It is not necessary that you only invest in your friends; you can search for people or buy stocks of people and places that are near your current location. Based on your own social activities, an initial sum is granted to you by Social Stock, and you can use those funds to buy any number of shares in any person or place’s stock. A maximum of 100 shares can be bought for a single entity, and you can sell a stock at any time you want.

SocialStock Portfolio SocialStock Leaderboard

All your investments and other Social Stock activities are displayed in the Portfolio menu of the app. The Leaderboard section of the app displays the shares that are currently soaring in the app’s stock market. The best thing about Social Stock is the fact that, unlike other apps that provide you with real life deals, you will not lose all your influence and clout if you move to a new place. In other words, Social Stock doesn’t rely on your physical check-ins to keep track of your share values. Having said that, there are no deals currently on offer in Social Stock, but once the app leaves the alpha version, it has the potential to become a pretty good service. Social Stock is a free app, and optimized for iPhone only. You can grab it by heading to the following link.

Download Social Stock

[via TechCrunch]


  1. It’s currently only available in the US Store. I can not download it in the Austrian App Store.

  2. It’s currently only available in the US Store. I can not download it in the Austrian App Store.

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