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Speedometer GPS+ For iOS Is A Nifty Trekking & Driving Companion

An iPhone can make you lazy if you fall in love with some of its really absorbing games, but it can also lead you to a more healthy lifestyle as there are many fitness-related apps available in the App Store. You can start jogging each day without an iPhone, but it is really motivating to track your progress and view it in statistical terms. Speedometer GPS+ is an iOS app that has all the functionalities of a speedometer, and even looks like one, too. The app can be used while walking, biking or driving, and has separate views for different ride types. It is also possible to use Speedometer GPS+ as a compass, and it shows its users both true and magnetic north in real-time. To make the app a complete trekking companion, you can use it as a route tracker and music player.

 Speedometer GPS  Music Speedometer GPS  Tracking

Your first step before using Speedometer GPS+ should be to choose the mode you are using to travel. There are two of those available in the app, including bicycle and automobile mode. The features offered in both are the same, just the scale of the meter is varied to accommodate the proper speed ranges. The app supports both imperial and metric units, and you can switch between them using the buttons provided at the bottom of the speedometer. The speedometer in GPS+ shows analog reading in most its area, while a digital meter is displayed within it too. The lights near the top of the meter show GPS signal strength. It is also possible to view more detailed stats by hitting the Current Track tab. Speedometer GPS+ displays average speed, time elapsed since you started a session and average speed.

If you want, you can use Speedometer GPS+ as a comprehensive compass. There are two modes within the app’s compass menu, and they are labeled True North and Magnetic North. Both these modes track and display your iPhone or iPad’s orientation pretty accurately, and you will be able to know your longitude, latitude and course. In case you are using Speedometer GPS+ while taking a hike or driving, you can spice things up by going to the app’s iPod Library and playing any song stored in your device.

Another useful feature offered by Speedometer GPS+ is its tracking. Hitting the track icon located in the top-right corner of the meter screen, you will be able to view your route on map. The map view shows speed, distance and time, too. You can switch between satellite, hybrid and standard views of map even while tracking. When you are done, hit the Share button to email your route and other trek stats to anyone you want.

Speedometer GPS+ is available as a free download for a limited time, and you can grab this universal app by heading to the link below.

Download Speedometer GPS+ for iOS

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