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Clone Items In A Photo Or Video Or Merge Multiple Shots On iOS With Split Lens 2 Pro

Cloning tools in iOS/Android photo editors are quiet rare. In the past, we have seen the feature in Adobe Photoshop Touch and TouchRetouch Free, though both these apps deal only with still images. Split Lens 2 Pro, on the other hand, might just be the first app to offer cloning in videos. The app does have an image section of its own, but the real magic happens when you shoot a video using it. Using the app, you can easily create a video of you shaking hands with yourself, or maybe there is a toy you want to see flying around the room. Split Lens can do all that, and much more, without making the users break a sweat, thanks to its awesome cloning capabilities.

Split Lens 2 Pro iOS Frames Split Lens 2 Pro iOS Video

Despite the rather complex end results, using Split Lens 2 Pro isn’t too difficult. On the app’s welcome screen, choose one of the two buttons at the top of the screen to go for either video or photo mode. The next step is to select an appropriate frame for what you have in mind. There are plenty of frames on offer in the app, but before going for one that has too many parts, remember that each section has to be filled separately with a video clip or photo.

Split-Lens-2-Pro-photo-mode Split-Lens-2-Pro-iOS-splitter Split-Lens-2-Pro-iOS-photo-result

If you just want a simple clone in your video, select any frame that is divided into two parts by a line. More elaborate effects can be used to overlay shapes with media, or make a collage out of it. To give an object the appearance of flying, shoot it behind a plain background, and then aim the camera in midair for the second shot.

For videos, you have to fill the frames with clips that are ten second long. You can’t stop a recording session before the allocated time is up, but the app’s camera does have an option to change the recording duration before the red button is pressed.

Split Lens 2 Pro iOS Camera Split Lens 2 Pro iOS Filters

For both videos and photos, Split Lens 2 Pro offers a variety of editing options before the final product is displayed. You can apply photo filters to each part of the media file, and it is even possible to change the position of the overlaid patterns and shapes.

When it comes to still images, the Split Lens 2 Pro camera is quite decent. If you want, there is also the option of loading existing photos from the camera roll to fill one or more parts of the frame. Other camera features include a countdown timer, and controls for exposure, focus and flash. The aspect ratio and resolution of the image or video can be chosen before saving it, too.

Split Lens 2 Pro is a truly unique app, which certainly merits a download for anyone who is even remotely interested in photography, or having fun with photos and videos. The app is universal and has gone free for a limited time, so hurry up and grab it right now while the offer lasts.

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