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Stream Videos For Songs In Your iTunes Library To Chromecast

A while back we shared an app called Jukebox that allowed you to listen to music stored in your Dropbox account. The app connected with your account, scanned it for music, and allowed you to play it from its music player. With Jukebox, you can create playlists, and play songs on loop or repeat. If you’re looking for a way to cast your music to a Chromecast, then Music TV is the answer. It’s a free iOS app that will let you select songs from your iTunes library and play them over the Chromecast. It searches YouTube for a video to go with it and casts it when the song is played.

Install Music TV and tap the music button at the top right. The next screen is a mess in terms of UI but on it you have to tap the ‘Add New Music Videos’ option. Music TV lets you add music from two sources; your iTunes library and YouTube. If you’re looking to add music from YouTube, it’s better to just use the YouTube app which has full support for Chromecast. Tap the ‘Music Library’ option to select songs from your library.

Music TV Music TV-add

You will need to select songs one by one since there isn’t a select all option. Tap the plus button next to a song to add it and Click Done to return to the music player screen. The app will immediately start searching for a video to go with the track. Unfortunately, it can’t be paused and if you want to play the next song in queue, you will have to tap the ‘Cancel’ button on your screen. Once you’ve got the song and video you want to play on your screen, tap the cast button at the top left, select a device, and it will start casting.

Music TV-cast Music TV-song

Music TV is a good app in terms of what it does but the UI is a mess. Skipping songs is difficult. They can’t be ‘stopped’ and have to be cancelled to go to the next one. If you switch to full screen mode, the ads in the app make it almost impossible to return to the normal viewing mode. It’s a lot of give and take with this app so be prepared for a little clumsy fumbling.

Install Music TV From The App Store

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