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Strum For iOS Combines Short Music Videos With Instagram-Style Effects & Social Sharing

Smule has always been creative when it comes to app concepts, and they have done it again. If you’re a fan of Instagram but aren’t content with sharing mere static images, you might grow to love their newest app, Strum. The app won’t make you sound like T-Pain, turn you into a rapper or let you sing karaoke with the world, but it’s still fun to use and can come in handy every once in a while. Strum is a video sharing app for iOS, aimed at short clips that are no more than 15 seconds in length. To add some color to the mix though, you will get to apply various filters to your recordings, and Strum will also add background music and some extra effects to make the video look like it has been professionally shot. Like with most Smule apps, Strum has a social aspect to it, with a news feed that lets you follow people and discover friends.Strum-iPad-Popular_

To interact with other Strum users and leave your feedback on videos, you will have to sign in to a Smule account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up using your email address or Facebook ID. This will also allow you to follow other users and connect your social networking accounts with the app. The first screen that comes up after you are done with the configuration is the ‘Popular’ section. On the iPhone, the videos are laid out in form of a grid, while the iPad version has a separate sidebar that lists all the entries in a particular section. After choosing a video, you can add comments to it, like it or re-share it via SMS or email.

Strum iOS Profile Strum iOS Feed Strum iOS Filters

So, how exactly are Strum videos created? Simply tap the camera button located in the middle of the bottom bar. The app offers options for importing videos from the camera roll, and shooting new ones from within the app. Once the 15 second recording limit is reached, the session automatically expires and you are taken to the editing screen. You don’t have to worry about choosing the background music for the clip, since each filter has a musical snippet associated with it already. Strum lets you preview a filter before actually applying it. Once you are satisfied, hit the green icon, add a caption to the video, and you’re done. The publishing page lets you post a video to Facebook and Twitter in addition to Strum’s own feed.

Strum is a free, universal app. You can download it by following the link given below.

Download Strum For iOS

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