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StumbleUpon For iOS Updated With Page Previews & Interest-Based Color Coding

StumbleUpon is among those web content discovery services that have been around for a really long time. It has come far and beyond where it actually started, with official StumbleUpon apps available for iOS and Android. The nature of the service makes it perfect for a smartphone, as getting all your favorite web content on your iPhone is sure to help you stay in touch with your interests on the go. The StumbleUpon app for iPhone and iPad has always been pretty good, but most of its users can’t help but feel that the iOS client hasn’t managed to keep pace with the changes in the web version of StumbleUpon. Fortunately, this issue has finally been resolved with the release of the app’s first major update in quite a long time. As can be expected, StumbleUpon for iOS now offers a revamped interface, but the changes are not just cosmetic. The app allows its users to follow the activities of their friends more easily, thanks to the new and improved Home page. Another new thing in StumbleUpon is the profile color coding. The more varying your interests and likes become, the more colorful your StumbleDNA becomes. Wondering what StumbleDNA is all about? Read on.

StumbleUpon iOS Home StumbleUpon iOS Slide StumbleUpon iOS DNA


At first, the new StumbleDNA feature might not prove to be too useful or practical for most users of the app, but with the passage of time, as you start getting more familiar with the colored bar present at the top of your own profile, StumbleDNA will surely be the first thing people will check on anyone’s account. The StumbleDNA bar depicts your tastes and likings without giving away any concrete information about the pages you have viewed in the past. Your StumbleDNA will keep getting more and more colors as time passes and you like more pages. The glossary of the meaning of all colors is available in the Interests section of the app.

The New Home Page

The whole point of StumbleUpon is being social in content discovery. The app’s homepage reflects this social aspect of the service more closely now. Instead of showing the usual Content For You section only, the app now displays activities from your friends and other StumbleUpon users on the app’s homepage, too.


In order to save time and keep things interesting, the StumbleUpon app for iPhone has come up with the new Slide feature. While any page is loading within the app, you can get a preview of its neighboring posts by swiping across the screen. The current post will continue to load in the background, allowing you to meanwhile take a look at the headlines and thumbnails of other stories in the current categories.

StumbleUpon is a universal app, and you can download it for free by heading to the following link.

Download StumbleUpon For iOS

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