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SuperBetter For iPhone Makes Learning Everyday Skills Fun

No matter how busy people are, everyone is bound to have a few epiphanies once in a while. You might make promises to yourself, or maybe, you just have to change some minor aspect of your lifestyle to add a lot of positivity to your personality. However, self-motivation is something that just doesn’t work for most people, and some external stimulus is needed to change even your most minor habits. So, as taking yourself too seriously doesn’t work, maybe you need to have some fun while trying to get over your personal demons or mental blocks. That’s exactly what SuperBetter is all about. You just have to choose your biggest problem to get started, and SuperBetter will come up with different challenges that work toward making you strong enough to overcome your problem completely. Even if you can’t figure out what your exact problem is, the app can still be of use and will throw random activities and mental exercises your way.

SuperBetter List SuperBetter Power-Up Details SuperBetter Task Details

Like the basic concept of any game, SuperBetter for iPhone offers power-ups, bad guys, wins and losses. You get a power up whenever you successfully complete a challenge assigned to you by the app. To get started, and make the app configure everything for you, you will have to start by signing up for a new account. This can be done via Facebook, or using your email ID. In either case, once you have signed up, the next step is to choose the goal that you want to attain, or the habit that you want to change. The goals listed in SuperBetter include both physical and mental ones, and once you have made the selection, the To do section will list all the activities that you should perform in order to attain your target. You might not understand some of the entries in the SuperBetter list merely by reading their titles, and that is why hitting the arrow brings up an explanation of the activity. You may edit individual challenges, or add new ones to the list to keep things interesting. For all the bad guys (negative habits) that you encounter each day, you will have to specify the level of difficulty that you had to go through before overcoming them.

SuperBetter HQ SuperBetter Edit Quest SuperBetter Result

If you used your Facebook account to sign up for SuperBetter, the Activity section can be used to inform your friends of your latest progress in adopting new habits. The HQ menu displays the current level you have attained, and you can also monitor your improvement in individual aspects of your lifestyle. The scoring system used by SuperBetter is a bit complicated, and you can learn all about it in the app’s Help menu. The upshot of the whole thing is that the tougher the task, the more points you are going to get.

The best thing about SuperBetter is that it keeps getting better with time, as users are encouraged to edit the challenges themselves, so that each task’s actual effects are reflected more accurately in the app’s scoring system. So, if you think things like TED are a little too boring, and are looking for a fun and easy way to improve your personality, SuperBetter is the perfect thing for you. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and has gone free recently. You can download it from the following link.

Download SuperBetter For iOS

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